What Does Building Right Mean?

At Estudio Verde Homes the two words "building right" guide every decision we make. When you walk into one of our homes, you can rest easy knowing that your family is safe and secure. It's also comfortable, sustainable, and beautiful.

Here’s how we make that happen.

Building Structures That Last

Even the strongest walls can be brought down by a domino effect started by the weakest link. That’s why every part of every home we build has a purpose – to keep you and your family safe.

  • Structural Resilience – We use a construction method that forms concrete into all shapes and sizes using what's called "ICF blocks". This provides several advantages that traditional wood-frame builds just can’t match such as stand up to 200 MPH winds, 2000-degree flames, and California earthquakes. An EVH home will take on whatever mother nature has in store.
  • Protective Stucco Coating – On top of concrete’s natural fire-resistance, we add stucco to the exterior of our homes. This creates even more protection against destructive flames.
  • No-Gutter Design – Gutters filled with dry leaves are fire hazards that are easy to miss. EVH designs roofs in a way that doesn’t require any gutters, removing another potential threat.
  • Tempered Glass Windows with Barn Door Shutters – In the event of extreme weather, keep flying debris or roaring flames from entering and destroying your home. 

Instead of rebuilding every time nature strikes, we construct homes that you only need to build once. Whether you’re up against howling winds, intense heat, bitter cold, or rumbling earth, your home will stand strong.

Building Above and Beyond the Basics

It’s not enough to just follow outdated building codes. To fulfill our mission of building right, we look at properties from a wholistic perspective. Nature affects everything around you and it’s our duty as responsible builders to take that into account.

  • Energy Efficiency – The use of concrete insulated forms provide much desired insulation so your home can stay cool in the summer and warm in the winter even without relying on air conditioning and heating.
  • Extensive Property Preparation – We look at the entirety of the property and its surroundings. Any potential risks like overgrown bushes or dead trees are removed to make your home and your community that much safer.
  • Walkways Double as Firebreaks – Our designs put your well-being at the forefront. EVH properties are surrounded by nonslip crushed granite walkways that also act as firebreaks to prevent the spread of flames.
  • Built for Accessibility – Houses are built for people. Whether you’re using a mobility device or pushing a baby carriage, you’ll always come home to a place that welcomes you, no matter how you get around.

All these benefits combined help us create homes that are just as beautiful, if not more, than traditional construction. But, in addition, they’re made to withstand the reality of today’s environment.

Rebuilding Paradise 

Our commitment to building right is why we’re putting our skills to use in helping rebuild the community of Paradise, California that was devastated by a deadly fire in 2018. We want residents to feel safe and secure when they finally get to come back home.

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